Mairel is a world of perpetual light. It is a sister world to another one called Galadir, a world of perpetual darkness. Galadir will be described in a different series, for now, I will focus only on Mairel.

Mairel has a long period of recorded history of about 10,000 years. Of this period, there have always been 2 suns. The larger of the suns is a yellow sun much like our own. This sun provides warmth and nourishment to the world. The second, smaller sun sheds an eerie blue light. This light keeps much of the world in twilight even after the yellow sun sets. These two suns move in tandem, when one sets, the other rises.

There are 4 main continents on Mairel: Byntin, the largest of them; Rile, whose millenial forests are legendary; Antosia, the desert continent; and Yag-Dhul, a continent covered with mostly swamp land.