Mairel → Antosia

The continent of Antosia is a vast wasteland of desert surrounded by temperate planes that meet the sea on all sides. The desert, while seeming to be dead to the rest of the world, is actually very much alive with a unique variety of creatures found nowhere else on Mairel. Because there is always a sun shining, even at night, there is never time for the desert to cool. This makes it near impossible for adventurers to explore this part of the world.

Many speculate that if one could find a reliable way to tame the desert, one could become wealthy beyond belief simply recovering the treasure from the lost ruins in the desert. Alas, very few who leave the well traveled roads of the desert, ever come back alive. And those that do, are forever changed.

At the center of the desert, in the most unlikely place, is Antosia city, the largest remaining city center in all of Mairel. The city sits in the shadow of a mountain which keeps some of the desert heat at bay. Wells drilled deep into the mountain by some long forgotten king provide fresh water for the city, and because the journey is too perilous to bring large herds of animals for meat, much of the food is grown within the city itself. But the most astounding feature of this great city is the legendary Bazaar that runs day and night. If there is an item in the world, it can likely be found at The Bazaar, with its many thousands of merchants from all over Mairel.

Another attraction of Antosia city is the great Royal Library. The Royal Library is an object of great pride to the Antosian Royal Family. It was established when the city was first built, and has grown as the city grew. The library itself is built out of white marble and is richly embellished with fine architectural details. Almost anything can be found in the books of the library, some of them being older than Antosia city itself, and is the ultimate destination for many of the worlds mages to study and research their spells.