Mairel → Byntin

The continent of Byntin is a vast landscape of hills and valleys. The people of this continent were once proud and structured, putting great value in social standings. The knights of Byntin city were some of the most will trained and highly disciplined of all the knights in the world. Many knights continue to hold their standings and continue their training, but many more still have joined the forces of the One God.

Before the old gods left, Byntin was a peaceful nation, thriving off the fertile planes and bringing up well organized, well structured leagues of warriors. Some said the king of Byntin maintained this kind of military strength in preparation for some far off war that has not yet been fought.

When the chaos of the gods departure set in, many of the major city centers fell, Byntin city amongst them. The leagues of warriors and the knights of Byntin disbanded and turned to serving their own needs instead of the nations. The king lost control of the nation, and watched as all that he had worked so hard and for so many years on crumbled like sand stone beneath a giants foot.

The materials to equip the former proud nation were mined from the Dwarven Tilvid mines. Many fine metals were mined from the Tilvid mountains, which are uniformly considered the single largest deposits of metals in the world. Goods from this area are considered of the highest quality, with many of the world greatest blacksmiths coming to Byntin to work with the fine metals discovered in the mountains.

Many regard the military strength of Byntin as the reason the One God chose Byntin as his entry point into this world. After the old gods left, Byntin city quickly fell. Without the constant influx of supplies and food coming from the outlying lands, the people of Byntin city turned to looting and in-fighting. The chaos brought the city to its knees. Nobody knows what happened to the king of Byntin, or his heir, who would surely have taken the throan by now, nor does anybody know how the One God, in 5 short years, brought Byntin city back to its former glory.