Mairel → Religion

In modern times, the gods of Mairel have left. Nobody really knows what happened to them, but one day, all of the blessings, gifts and answered prayers simply ceased to be. Even those most close to the gods had no warning of their departure.

The One God, as it has been known to become, came at a devastating time for Mairel. People were searching for something to believe in, many disillusioned by the departure of the old gods. For the high priests of the One God, it was an easy task to amass a large group of followers in one of the hardest hit city-centers on Mairel, Byntin City. In 5 short years, the One God has built up a vast army of followers, all pledging their lives, nigh, their very souls to the one that saved them from certain death, for surely, had a new god not come along, the world itself might have ended.

Still, there are many who hold on to the old beliefs. Those that will not give up their hold on the old gods that abandoned them so abruptly. Many of the faithful believe that their departure was a test of their faith, believing that if they continued their prayers, held on to their faith, that they would be rewarded handsomely when the gods returned. Still more believe that the gods are punishing the people of Mairel for their arrogance, holding that the great cities that once existed were unnatural, and were never meant to be. Fewer people believe that the gods have been forcefully removed from this world, either banished to another plane, or destroyed completely by some other-worldly entity. Whatever the reason, there has been no contact with the gods in almost a hundred years. Modern generations have learned to believe in new things, many turning to the One God for their faith.