Mairel → Rile

The Continent of Rile is the eastern most continent on Mairel. From coast to coast the continent is covered with rich, dense forests. At the center of this is the great millenial forests, where the largest and most ancient trees stand.

Most of these lands are inhabited by wild Elves, although many different tribes exist. The very center of the millenial forest houses the capital city of Caraduin, where the Elven High Wizards make their Council. Since the departure of the Gods, the Elven High Wizards have led the research on new forms of magic that do not rely on the gods gifts.

At the center of a large gulf on the south-western corner of the continent, resting at the bottom of the sea is the largest of the aquatic elven cities, Ninothrond. Not many surface dwellers have ever been to the aquatic elven city, and not much is known about the mysterious people. What is known is that they are generally friendly, with rumors abounding about how they help out ships in peril and rescue those that fall over-board in the sea.