Mairel → Yag-Dhul

The continent of Yag-Dhul is a land shrouded in mystery. Most of the continent is covered in swamps, but across the continent can be found large structures made of coral, like what might be found at the bottom of the sea. These coral ruins are as old as they are mysterious, for they have always been there as long as any scholar can remember.

The continent is largely inhabited by a wide array of swamp creatures, as well as numerous dragons, but amongst all this is a large number of undead creatures that roam the land. Mages on this continent sometimes use the undead as servants.

The capital city Konira is buried deep in the grasp of mountains that surround it on all sides but north. This city is heavily populated with undead that do the bidding of their mage masters, and thus there are not many other races to be found here. In fact, even some shops are completely run by undead, serving some unseen master. The living that do remain in the city are highly religious, and despite the gods departure, continue to worship Diniriel, the god of death, as if nothing had changed.